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Downtown Martinez

Downtown Martinez and specifically Main Street is a cozy area with a relaxing feel. Great restaurants, spas and antique stores surround Main Street Mall. We want each visit to Aloha Chiropractic to be a relaxed and enjoyable experience.


When you come to Aloha Chiropractic and open the door you will enter a warm Hawaiian waiting room filled with Hawaiian books and art.

  • Dr. Chow will greet you and give you some paperwork to complete.
  • After completing your paper work Dr. Chow will talk with you in detail about your medical history and current complaints.
  • You will then have a thorough examination consisting of orthopedic and neurologic tests, range of motion and muscle strength testing, etc..
  • After Dr. Chow has gathered sufficient information through his examination he will sit down with you and explain what he has found. Together you’ll discuss recommendations for a two to four week treatment plan, ending with a re-evaluation to check your progress. After agreeing on goals for improvement the treatment will begin.
  • Dr. Chow will spend at least 30 minutes with you each visit, educating you along the way as he helps you with stretching , massage (active release technique) and chiropractic adjustments. Treatments are designed to be gentle, therapeutic and educational. Dr. Chow believes in listening to his patients and treatments are always performed in a gentle manner
  • Our goal in treatment is to educate and heal you as quickly as possible so you can begin maintenance care with the knowledge and physical progress you’ve attained during your treatment.
  • X-rays are not taken unless indicated and treatment plans consist of blocks of two weeks to a month with measurable objectives.
  • Most insurance clans are accepted. Fees are $70 for the first treatment (includes exam and report of findings) and $45 for additional treatments. Medicare patients are covered except for a maximum $25 per visit for non-covered services. Please Call with any further questions.