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With Chiropractic healing, learning to stretch can be half the battle.

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Meet Ames Chow, D.C.

You can call him Doctor Stretch.

Our bodies are amazing machines which can heal themselves without medications and surgeries. A recent study on workers compensation showed that only 1.7% of subjects with back problems who saw a chiropractor first, ended up having back surgery as opposed to 48% who sought traditional medical solutions.

You can avoid surgery, manage and often remove pain simply by knowing how to stretch.

Healing and Educating for 28 Years

IChow_4019-small-200f my 28 years of experience as a chiropractor has taught me anything it’s that stretching alone can help relieve and often remove pain. That’s why chiropractic stretching has become a specialty in my practice and why I consider myself both a healer and educator.

By teaching you how to stretch properly, you, in effect, become your own healer, able to reduce and manage chronic pain caused by a host of conditions including back pain, ganglion cysts, carpal tunnel, stenosing tenosynovitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, chronic bursitis and tendinitis. Read more…

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I walk a lot and lift things in my business and was developing painful bursitis in my shoulder. In just a few visits Dr. Chow taught me how to stretch and strengthen my arms and shoulders to avoid recurring pain. It worked and my shoulder is nearly healed. Sara S.


Sitting at a computer all day I’m prone to having weak back muscles. After a few adjustments Dr. Chow helped me with my back pain by teaching me how to stretch on my own. I came away with the knowledge to avoid injury and keep my back strong. And I no longer take anti-inflammatories to control the pain. James K.

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Why be in pain when you can learn easy and effective methods of stretching your way back to optimum health.