Welcome to Aloha Chiropractic Martinez

We welcome you to our practice.

Dr. Chow has been healing people like you for over 28 years. He is a specialist in Chiropractic Stretching. What is Chiropractic stretching? If you read any of Dr. Chow's blogs you will understand why he believes stretching is so important. "Most pains in our bodies are our bodies way of telling us to do a particular stretch." is the theme. "Stretch or have pain" is a reality. Dr. Chow specializes in teaching you how to do stretches that will reduce pain. He will give you control of your life by enabling you to take away your own pain.

Dr. Chow is a veteran adjustor who uses his hands or an activator depending on the patients preference. Adjustments are important and go hand in hand with your self care. Dr. Chow usually spends 30 minutes with each patient so he can thoroughly treat and educate the patient on the condition and the stretches to do at home. He is a healer and educator, not a factory. His Chiropractic adjustments are done after muscles tightness is reduced with a form of massage called "active release." Stretching instruction is an integral part of Dr. Chow's treatment and will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Coming from a family of 8 on a small island in Hawaii Dr. Chow has been raised with Humility and caring for his fellow human being. He will make you feel better as well as understand your body and give you the knowledge to heal yourself and stay healthy. Feel free to call Dr. Chow and ask him any questions you may have. He looks forward to helping you in health with Aloha.

Why is stretching so important in healing properly?

Our bodies are amazing machines which can heal themselves without medications and surgeries. A recent study on workers compensation showed that if you see a Chiropractor first you were 1.7% likely to have back surgery but if you saw a medical doctor or surgeon first you were 48% likely to have surgery. That's a huge difference. Along with surgery medications are also prescribed and have now become the biggest killer in California and Hawaii. Thats a lot of death! More than heart disease and Motor vehicle accidents. This should be an incentive to heal yourself with natural methods. And stretching is free!

When we sprain/strain our muscles, tendons and Ligaments fibers are torn that release chemicals which cause our blood vessels to swell and blood rushes in with Scar tissue. That's why we use ice in this phase. It reduces the size of blood vessels and is a pain killer. The first two days of an injury the pain is extreme because of chemicals called prostoglandins and arachidonic acids. By the third day we should have decreased intensity of our pain as these chemicals are gone. If not you have been reinjuring yourself. This scarring phase last up to 45 days.

Like cement which hardens in a day but reaches full hardness in years our body continues to heal up to a year. This is called the remodeling phase. The scar tissue is torn as you return to fast moving full range of motion activities. You remodel by tearing scar tissue and then healing with more scar tissue which is laid down in a more functional manner. With layer after layer of scar tissue we heal our torn structures.

1. It makes our muscles stronger so we don't re-injure them over and over.
2. It enables our muscles to heal with minimal loss of function and normal biomechanics (scarring).
3. It gives us pain relief from muscles which ache from injury.
4. It takes away cramps.
5. It is free.
6. It has no side effects and will not kill you.
7. It is an essential part of healing and if you do not know how to stretch you are not able to help yourself.

What to expect on your first visit


The town of Martinez and specifically mainstreet is a cozy area with a relaxing feel. Great restaurants, spas and antique stores sourround Mainstreet Mall. When you come to Aloha Chiropractic and open the door you will enter a warm Hawaiian waiting room. It is filled with Hawaiian Books and art. Dr. Chow will great you himself and give you some paper work to complete.

After completing your paper work Dr. Chow will talk with you in detail about your medical history and present complaints. He is also concerned about what is important to you as well as your health.

You will then have a thorough examination consisting of Orthopedic and neurologic tests, range of motion and muscle strength testing, etc..

After Dr. Chow has gathered sufficient information through his examination he will sit down with you and explain what he has found. You will discuss with him recommendations of a treatment plan for two to four weeks. At the end of which a reevaluation will be done to see how the patient has progressed. Upon understanding our goal for improvement the treatment will begin.

Dr. Chow will spend at least 30 minutes with you, educating you on what is going on as he helps you with stretching , massage (active release technique) and chiropractic adjustments. Treatments are designed to be gentle, therapeutic and educational. Dr. Chow believes in listening to patients and will be as gentle as he needs to enable optimal comfort.

This is not a factory but a true healing environment of therapy and education. It is designed for maximum contact with the doctor. Chiropractic adjustments are done by hand and with over 28 years of experience. Our goal in treatment is to educate and heal you as quick as possible and to then release you to maintenance care. X-rays are not taken unless indicated and treatment plans are blocks of two weeks to a month with measurable objectives.

Dr. Chow is covered by most insurance companies. His cash rate is $70 for the first treatment (includes exam and report of findings) and $45 for additional treatments. Medicare patients are covered except for a maximum $25 per visit for non covered services. Call with any further questions.